Supporting partners

BDO Accountants & Advisors 

BDO is an international accounting and advisory organization. Our operations are conducted through local entrepreneurship, which is part of a strong global network. Within the Netherlands, we employ over 2.500 advisors across 18 divisions spread throughout the country. Our advisors can relate well to our clients. They are engaged and make every effort to empathize with specific issues. Together with colleagues and specialists within BDO, we ensure that our clients receive tailored, practical, and high-quality solutions for various challenges. Being part of the international BDO network, we can also provide clients with appropriate advice in other countries.

BDO supports Briskr with their expertise in issues including accounting services, taxation, innovation, cybersecurity, acquisitions, as well as strategy and organization (HR).

Services and Products

  • Digitalization
  • BDO Analytics
  • Digital performance improvement

Sustainability Transition

  • ESG Reporting
  • ESG Assurance
  • ESG Tax & Legal
  • CSR Directive

Business Models

  • Vitality scan
  • Innovation Control Framework


  • Phising campaign
  • Readiness Tool
  • Web scan
  • Awareness test