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Briskr: a broad network of partners

Nijmegen is the city of health and high tech. Almost 30% of the population works in healthcare, often in advanced and innovative organisations like Radboudumc, Maartenskliniek and others. And Seminconductors have been produced already in Nijmegen since 1955 by Philips in the past and now companies like NXP and Nexperia.

A focus on startups and innovative SME’s is important to create the right vibrancy in the region to grow innovation and employment. The role of Briskr is to support this ecosystem of large companies and small startups and innovative SME’s. We do this by organising networking activities, support to startups and the creation of large projects where the future is invented.

Briskr is the program that supports startups and SME’s in order to grow faster and make a bigger impact on Health and High Tech. Companies in these sectors encounter a lot of challenges in their road to successful growth. We help entrepreneurs to face these challenges.


‘Bringing this product to market goes far beyond research and making it technically sound. You have to deal with investments, certification, drawing up a clear business plan, gathering a team, you name it. Then it’s nice to have something like Briskr to guide you.’

Thomas van den Heuvel – Ardim

“Very happy to be part of the Briskr network! Birks helps us with the connections and the knowledge needed for company development”

Sophia Eriola Shanko – Founder and CEO Shanx Medtech

Lizianne Jakobs as the presenter was a great choice. She provided us with great insights about leading a team in a better way, therefore I was more than happy to be part of it!

Maximilian Schupp – CEO & Founder of Edibles

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