Briskr Organisation

To oversee developments within Briskr, a Board has been formed. Board members hold positions that allow them to actively contribute to the development of the health and high-tech sector in the region. The Board, consisting mainly of members of The Economic Board, translates the vision and targets into strategies and activities for Briskr. This process is supported by the health and high-tech strategists and Briskr Program Management.

Board Briskr

Bertine Lahuis

Antoine Driessen

Ilko Bosman

Rob Verhofstad

Jean Schreurs

Advisors to the Board

John van Sambeek

Bas Doets

Martijn Sijbers

Various intermediary and civil society organisations are represented in the Program Council. Besides the Advisory Board, in which entrepreneurs from the region are represented, the Program Council is an important part of the Briskr governance. The Program Council advises the Board, translates decisions taken into implementation and provides commitment on contributions. The Program Council also provides the Board with advice on policies and projects. The aim is to exchange ideas and achieve effective cooperation within the region to promote health and high-tech as economic sectors with future potential.

Program Council

Mark Luke Farrugia

Egbert-Jan Bögels

Willem Endhoven

Raoul van Etten

Ien van der Coelen

Wald Been

Ron Nuwenhof

Roland Nordbeck

Joram Sjoerts

Gertjan Bögels

Johan Kluitmans

Jan van Dellen

The Advisory Board, consisting of entrepreneurs from the region, advises the Board on policies and instruments from an entrepreneurial perspective. The focus here is on the health and high-tech sector spearheads that are most beneficial to the region’s business community. The resulting advice is transferred to the board. Besides the Program Council, in which intermediary and civil society organisations are represented, the Advisory Board is an important part of the Briskr governance. In the composition of the Advisory Board, a deliberate choice was made for a diverse mix of both large and smaller companies, focusing on the spearheads Drugs Discovery & Development, Digital Health Challenge Lab (AI), RF and Integration & Packaging.

Advisory Board General

Reinoud van den Heuvel

Arjan Stuij

John van Sambeek

Advisory Board Health

Bram van Ginneken

Rob Nelissen

Hans Schoo

Eelco Ebbers

Eva van Rikxoort

Eefje Perlot

Advisory Board High-tech

Vincent Gerritsma

Henk Thoonen

Joep Stokkermans

Oliver Maiwald

Doeco Terpstra

Alex Duiker

The daily operations within Briskr are supervised by the program office, consisting of six individuals, each with their own expertise. Together, they ensure effective coordination and execution of tasks, leveraging their diverse skills to promote the company’s success.

You can find their personal contact information here. Alternatively, you can also send an email to or give us a call on our Briskr number +31 (0) 24 204 90 61

Program Office

Martijn Sijbers

Bas Doets

Floor van de Watering

Marion Schouten

Marieke Snieder

Linda Giesen