Health cluster

Challenging domain

Healthcare is a challenging domain where innovation is often not easy for innovative companies. Business models are often complex, evidence is paramount and being able to proof safety is key. Knowledge and experience of innovation in healthcare, particularly in relation to startups, is needed.

Nijmegen is the area in the Netherlands best suited to support innovation in healthcare. First of all, almost 30% of the jobs in Nijmegen are healthcare related, ranging from specialised hospitals like Maartenskliniek to an academic hospital like Radboudumc. Nijmegen has a close cooperation with Wageningen University combining food and health through the OnePlanet initiative.

At Briskr we can support startups and innovative SME’s with targeted workshops, access to risk capital, support to develop the business model and with validation services. We do this together with a network of partners experienced in innovation in healthcare with an impressie track record and with full support of many of the healthcare organisations in the region.

We focus our efforts in the healthcare cluster around three topics:

  • Digital Health
  • Drug Discovery
  • Healthy Brain

Digital Health

Since digitisation is one of the biggest drivers of innovation, it is an important focus area for Nijmegen. Digital Health has the potential to make healthcare more sustainable such as by reducing workload and fewer travel movements, but we are just at the beginning and there is still much to be explored. Fortunately, the Nijmegen region has all the ingredients for digital health to flourish. First, we have a large healthcare sector. In Nijmegen, one in every four people has a job in healthcare which is one of the highest in the country. Second, we should be proud of our human capital possessed by our population, thanks to knowledge institutions like Radboudumc, Radboud University, HAN university of applied sciences, ROC and more. Additionally, human capital can also be found at startups, of which many focus on health or healthcare. Third and last, our region has all the support that an ecosystem needs, including facilities such as living labs and innovation spaces. Find the Guide by clicking on the guide.

Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical-related companies and institutes. Together they form a complete value chain in the field of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. Of course there are many specialised service providers too, in the areas of logistics or staffing for example. Although the players in the field of drug discovery and development are internationally active without exception, there is also a demand for local and regional collaboration between businesses, education and research institutions, hospitals and government authorities. The campuses and Health Valley, the largest innovation network in Life Sciences & Health in the Netherlands, fulfil a crucial role in bringing the relevant parties together and profiling the region as “the place to be” in the field of life sciences. Find the Guide by clicking on the guide.

Healthy Brain

Nijmegen has a strong ecosystem in the field of brain research with institutes like Donders, Max Planck, Radboud University and Radboudumc. This ecosystem has world wide recognition in areas like neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, health data science, food and cognition and other “brain related” fields. In this ecosystem there is a strong drive to bring science to the market through entrepreneurship and startups.

How Briskr supports your health business

Healthcare is a challenging domain, where innovation is regulated and restrained by complex business models, research requirements and safety regulations. Business models are often complex, evidence is paramount and being able to proof safety is key. At Briskr, we support startups and innovative SME’s with

  • targeted workshops
  • access to risk capital
  • support to develop a business model
  • validation services

Our network of experienced healthcare innovation partners helps us provide all the support you might need to succeed.

‘Finding the right support and partners can be a challenge as entrepreneur’


Entrepreneurs in health and high tech face many challenges when launching their product or service in the healthcare industry. That’s why Briskr set up a new program: Briskr Validate! Its goal: creating impact for citizens and patients by connecting the needs of healthcare to the innovations from entrepreneurs.