Venture Capital

Great ideas are essential for a great start, as are strong efforts and dedication from your start-up team. But you need more to create a sustainable business. Sooner or later, you’re going to need external money in order to attract the right people and seriously grow your company.

As they say: you might start with the help from friends, family and fools. After that, early-stage investors will help you get serious. And at some point, you will find yourself looking at larger investments by venture capital.

Briskr has the network and the knowledge to connect Health and High Tech businesses with investors. Whether you’re fully set to apply for series A capital, or only recently started wondering how to get there: we can offer professional support and extensive information.

Amongst our partners, you’ll find both early-stage investors (like INKEF Capital) and companies specialized in investment readiness. Furthermore, we regularly organize meetings and workshops about venture capital and everything that comes with it.

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