Patent strategy workshops

You have got a great idea or made an exciting discovery. And now you want to explore the possibilities to bring it to market. One of the first things you should do, is check whether you can claim intellectual property.

Claiming intellectual property can be tough process to figure out, especially for a first-time entrepreneur. But patents and other forms of intellectual property rights are very important to consider for any tech starter and innovative tech SME. Because if you are not filing patent applications yourself, a competitor might try to undermine your business opportunities with their patent application.

As a company in the Health and High tech sector, you should make sure you have solid knowledge of patenting and intellectual property. At Briskr, we can help you connect to the right partner for your situation. We also organise regular patent strategy workshops with our partners and specialized patent attorneys. In these workshops, you’ll learn about how to handle a competitors’ patent, how to balance trade secrets and patent applications, what rights a patent confers and what to do when a third party infringes on your patent rights.

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