Networking Partners in Innovation

In complex sectors as Health and High Tech specialised knowledge is often needed to be able to advance the business. But as an entrepreneur you do not always have all the necessary knowledge about regulation, IP, design but also finance and marketing available in your company. To help you search for the needed temporary/specialized expertise Briskr has developed an ecosystem of reliable suppliers.

All companies in this database have agreed to the publication of the (contact)data. And it is agreed that first talks (up to 2 hours) are free of charge when you have been transferred by Briskr.

RCT Gelderland

Independent network organization for SME companies in
manufacturing industry. Stimulates innovation by connecting
companies and companies to knowledge institutes, innovation
clusters and fieldlabs

Sage Partners

Sage Partners tap their networks to fuel growth and achieve strategic and operational success for their clients. Collectively, Sage Partners have experience and close personal relationships that span industries, company size and circumstance, and geographies. We focus our networks and expertise on the specific challenges and needs of our clients, whether expanding into new markets, launching or scaling a new enterprise or business line, or navigating purchase or sale of a business. If you are considering starting business in the USA please reach out to us.

StartUP Nijmegen

Accelerator for startups.