Legal Partners in Innovation

In complex sectors as Health and High Tech specialised knowledge is often needed to be able to advance the business. But as an entrepreneur you do not always have all the necessary knowledge about regulation, IP, design but also finance and marketing available in your company. To help you search for the needed temporary/specialized expertise Briskr has developed an ecosystem of reliable suppliers.

All companies in this database have agreed to the publication of the (contact)data. And it is agreed that first talks (up to 2 hours) are free of charge when you have been transferred by Briskr.

EP&C Patent Attorneys

EP&C Patent Attorneys is the patent agency that looks beyond technology. We help innovative entrepreneurs with the management of their intellectual property. This does not only mean filing a patent application or design protection, but also safeguarding your rights, dealing with allegations of infringement and brainstorming on innovations. How we do this depends on your ambitions, strategy and market. That is why we at EP&C start by listening.

BG. Legal

We provide legal advice regarding aspects like IP protection, contracts, regulatory (medical device), advertising, negotiations with investors, etc. We have a special offer for tech startups (including a discount on our rates). We also support the use of RVO vouchers to have (part of) our services paid for.

Poelmann van den Broek Advocaten

Smart-talking posh lawyers? Not at Poelmann van den Broek. We’ve been the stalwart warriors among lawyers for more than 40 years now. We master our specialist areas into the smallest detail. Most of our clients are business owners. We know their industries, we work with them closely and we are not afraid of sticking our neck out in order to get them results. On the defence if we have to, on the attack if we can. But always fighting with heart and soul. And if there’s more to gain? We’ll go for it. Because the fun thing about rules is finding the limits. So we do. Especially if you, the client, will be better off because of it.
Our legal expertise is split up across the following service areas: Intellectual property and ICT, Labour, Construction, Lease and immovable property, Environment and government, Business and Education, Tendering and competition.


In practice, you come across legal questions more often than you might think. May I offer my employee another temporary contract? What agreements must I make if I am going to work with a supplier? What do I need to think about if I want to change to a private limited company structure? These are questions that are too few to employ your own lawyer, but too many and too complex to google. And too expensive to call a law firm for. Waterdicht is your in-house lawyer.


You want to focus on business, your customers and the opportunities in the market. The ‘back end’ of your business must therefore be properly and efficiently organised. Insurance is an important factor in this. This is exactly what we are good at! We offer you a one-stop shop for all your insurances and take everything off your hands. Without complicated constructions and with clear tariffs. Above all, we keep insurance simple and transparent.

High-tech companies grow rapidly and often have changing needs within a short period of time. We have adjusted our offer accordingly.

Life Sciences
Companies in Life Sciences have specific insurance needs. We offer a special approach.

We have set up a simple site to easily apply for Clinical Trial insurances from insurers. This way, clients have a quick overview of all possibilities in the market: