Innovation challenges in healthcare/ Health Challenge Hub

Healthcare professionals know what problems need fixing. Our entrepreneurs know how to create the right innovative solutions. At the Briskr Health Challenge Hub, we bring both perspectives together to boost innovation in healthcare.

Defining the right challenges

Too often, we see innovations in healthcare for problems that do not exist. This leads to expensive pilots and insufficient impact. In the Nijmegen area, we believe that healthcare innovations should start with professionals and patients defining their needs. Based on those needs, we can define the right challenges for innovative entrepreneurs, stimulating them to come up with solutions for important problems in healthcare.

Think of solutions such as start-ups developing new technologies, but also scale-ups and grown-ups tailoring existing solutions to specific healthcare problems. By defining challenges and scouting innovative solutions, Briskr stimulates the right matches.

For entrepreneurs

Validation and implementation are important challenges for innovative start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups in healthcare. At the Health Challenge Hub, we bring together entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who are looking for specific innovations and are willing to aid in validating and implementing these solutions. By letting healthcare professionals present their needs first, entrepreneurs will know for sure that their solutions will be welcomed.

For healthcare professionals

In your daily practice, you see clear opportunities for innovation. But who is going to help you create the solution? The Briskr Health Challenge Hub will help you find entrepreneurs who are able and willing to develop the innovative solutions you have been looking for.

Alone you go faster, but together, we go further.