Education & Translation Partners in Innovation

In complex sectors as Health and High Tech specialised knowledge is often needed to be able to advance the business. But as an entrepreneur you do not always have all the necessary knowledge about regulation, IP, design but also finance and marketing available in your company. To help you search for the needed temporary/specialized expertise Briskr has developed an ecosystem of reliable suppliers.

All companies in this database have agreed to the publication of the (contact)data. And it is agreed that first talks (up to 2 hours) are free of charge when you have been transferred by Briskr.

Research Stories

ResearchStories is a ‘daughter company’ of StatStories, and organizes several courses, all focused on science communication. We have sessions focused on scientific illustrations, infographics, storytelling, presenting, societal impact and data visualization.

Radboud into Languages

We are experts in language and communication. Would you like to make your presentation more memorable, write an impactful text, or communicate better with an international audience? Our training programmes focus on making an impression, both in writing and in speech. Or do you wish to have your website, contract or brochure translated? Our translation service will be happy to help!

De hulpdokter

Whether you’re building a product for doctors or for patients, you will need accurate medical texts that can be read and understood by your target population. De Hulpdokter is a trusted provider of medical translations in any language, and supports companies in writing medical texts at the appropriate reading level. We employ licensed doctors and nurses to provide you with texts that are accurate, effective and medically sound.

Medical Translation Network

We are a network of experienced professional translators specialising in medical texts. We see ourselves as an external member of your team, providing specialised translations and giving you expert advice on anything to do with language. We produce readable texts in the language your target audience understands, from academic texts for medical specialists to accessible texts in patient-friendly language to clear instructions for nursing staff.

Languages we work in currently include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Frisian, Russian, Chinese, and of course Dutch. Our network regularly expands to offer new language combinations, so please get in touch to talk about your needs.