Design & Development Partners in Innovation

In complex sectors as Health and High Tech specialised knowledge is often needed to be able to advance the business. But as an entrepreneur you do not always have all the necessary knowledge about regulation, IP, design but also finance and marketing available in your company. To help you search for the needed temporary/specialized expertise Briskr has developed an ecosystem of reliable suppliers.

All companies in this database have agreed to the publication of the (contact)data. And it is agreed that first talks (up to 2 hours) are free of charge when you have been transferred by Briskr.

AllRound Technology (ART)

AIIRound Technology develops electronics, embedded systems
your activities / offer and mechatronics for companies in the medica! and high-tech and added-value industries. We have the know-how, relationships, tools and knowledge to help you speed through product development, production set up, and process optimization. We also have knowledge of (medical) certification.

Avisi Solutions

‘Software Requirements Workshop: translate innovative ideas in to software platform(s) to innovate your business to the next level.
Custom software development (Backend). Development regards new platforms or integration of multiple platforms together.
In-house secondment of staff (detachering), Avisi’ IT-development teams varies between 4 to 6 full-time developers.

Tweede Golf

As a small software development service provider we help tech start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMBs to create their software powered innovations. We have existed since 2009 and mainly work on web development and embedded software development projects. We also occasionally build an app. Targeted markets currently include impact start-ups, MedTech and IoT. With our Team-as-a-service offering called Hire a team, you get to work with a 2 – 3 people team consisting of our own people that can prototype for you, help out with research if needed and can get you up and running fast with building an MVP.

TOPIC Embedded Projects

TOPIC Embedded Projects has a no-nonsense attitude. With a true family-driven character, we offer skilled technical and added-value consultants with first-class technical skills in embedded software and digital hardware. For example, we offer complete development projects on location or under our own management from our futuristic office in Best. TOPIC Healthcare Solutions introduces clinical workflow solutions using advanced digital technologies. For more than 20 years, we understand what moves the embedded market. And that’s why our team of more than 150 engineers stand ready for your innovative product development. Our daily expertise, embedded in your future.

Unitron Group

Unitron creates high-tech LS&H products from design to prototype, and from certifcation to serial production. We have been doing this for global players for more than 30 years. Together we are taking healthcare to the next level.