Business Angels Network Nijmegen (BANN)

Are you ready for the next step? Looking for a serious investment to help you realize the full growth potential of your company? Come and see whether your company qualifies to meet with the Business Angels Network Nijmegen (BANN).

The BANN is a network of angel investors who are specifically interested in innovative Health and High Tech initiatives. Thrice a year, we set up an informal meeting where companies can pitch their proposition and discuss investment opportunities with investors from BANN.

Business Angels Network focuses on bringing together young entrepreneurs and interested angels by focusing on an open exchange of experiences. The meetings between angels, start-ups, and scale-ups usually consist of some plenary sessions, followed by a Q&A with the present companies and an informal dinner. Companies that pitch here must have a certain level of maturity and be ready for some serious business discussions with investors. Briskr will extensively support start-ups with the preparation of tehri pitch.

The Business Angels Network is a collaboration between Briskr, the municipality of Nijmegen, Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen, Poelmann van den Broek lawyers, Oost NL, BDO consultants, EP&C patent attorneys, and Aeternus company business valuation.