Briskr Validate!

Entrepreneurs in Health and High Tech face many challenges when launching their product or service in the healthcare industry. That’s why, Briskr set up a new program: Briskr Validate! Its goal is to create impact for citizens and patients by connecting the needs of healthcare to innovations from entrepreneurs.

Briskr Validate! is a consortium of nine partners: Radboudumc, Novio Tech Campus, BCSEMI NL, Rijnstate, The Economic Board, Oost NL, Health Valley, and Science Meets Business. Together, these partners can help you validate your innovation.

With Briskr Validate!, we offer companies with innovative ideas the opportunity to test and validate their solutions in real life settings. Briskr Validate! is – among other things – all about speeding up the implementation process by involving end-users in the designing of a product, in the technology and with user-oriented advice. We also offer access to health & High Tech facilities, like field labs.