Can you help us with your innovation?

At the start of this year, Achterhoek Gezond took up the challenge of organising, financing and monitoring care differently; with a greater focus on health. To keep healthcare accessible and affordable, also in the future. We have taken the first steps, such as developing a scenario model and an analysis of ‘hot spots’ (where things are ready for improvement in Achterhoek Gezond).

We know that wonderful things are already happening and developing in the field of health. To make it easier for residents to live happy and healthy lives. We are looking for those initiatives. Perhaps such an initiative can become a development site for Healthy Region.

How to respond

All information about Achterhoek Healthy, development spots and what we are looking for can be found here.

Do you think that your initiative, idea, project, programme or collaboration could qualify as a development spot? Let us know about it!

You can do so by filling in the online reaction form. Please do so before 17 January 2022.