We would like to invite you to our first combined “Dutch Agrifood Accelerators United” event on 22 November 2023 in Wageningen. This is a great opportunity to learn about do’s and don’ts when raising your next round, meet likeminded entrepreneurs, and get in contact with investors.


12.30 Walk-in lunch buffet

13.00 Opening and welcoming participants

13:15 Masterclasses ‘How to Finance’ (2 rounds)

15:45 Launch Dutch Agrifood Accelerators United

16:15 Drinks, bites and speeddates with investors

The masterclasses are part of the current curriculum of Fastlane and BIPFood, but but the masterclasses are open for agrifood ventures. The masterclasses are:

The Dutch financing landscape – multiple speakers, hosted by Suradj Hiralal – Oost NL

Find out how to finance your company. The wide variety of funding options, from grant to VD, will present themselves to you.

Round 1: Focus on public funding – speakers: RVO (Wybren Hoekstra), ROMs (Lise van den Bosch), Catalyze (Aniek Ploeger), Groeiversneller

Round 2: Focus on private funding – speakers: Horticoop (Wilco Schoonderbeek), Rabobank (Gerben Dijksterhuis), Angel Investor

Why not to fund? – Marc Wesselink – Venturerock

Find out the reason why you should not go towards external funding…and about the other options you still have.

What it takes to close a round – Yori May – Torq

How many cups of coffee does it take to seal the deal? Which practicalities should you keep in mind and what is a realistic scenario?


Just click on the button ‘reserve a spot’ or contact Michiel Strijland, michiel.strijland@invest-nl.nl or Anieke Wierenga, anieke.wierenga@foodvalley.nl for more information.

Brilliant business models in healthcare

As a healthcare entrepreneur, you might possess an excellent product designed to enhance healthcare quality and efficiency. However, selling it could prove challenging. The adoption of new technologies is a decision that involves healthcare organizations, professionals, insurance companies, and occasionally, even patients. The separation of costs and returns, often residing in different hands, complicates the reimbursement process. Consequently, this complexity may lead to a diminished interest from potential investors.

This workshop will focus on reimbursement in healthcare systems in general and specifically on the Dutch healthcare system. It will give insight in the way the healthcare system is organized and what you should know if you want to get reimbursementfor your innovation!

What’s in it for me?
Jeroen will also show a lot of examples of the sort of brilliant business models which are needed to improve healthcare and realize the quadruple aim: better health, nicer treatment, happier healthcare workers and reduced cost. And then it’s time to apply the information to your own business case! There will be ample time to discuss, improve and refine your individual case with Jeroen and the other attendees.

About Jeroen
Jeroen Kemperman is sr. Manager Strategy & Business Development at Achmea/Zilveren Kruis and writer of several books on business models. He does this from his background in industrial engineering as well as from his practical perspective of working in healthcare. For his books he has researched working business models in the complex world of world-wide healthcare.

During the workshop we will hand out the recommended book ‘Brilliant business models in Healthcare’ from Jeroen Kemperman, Jeroen Geelhoed & Jennifer op ’t Hoog (or in Dutch: ‘Briljante Businessmodellen in de Zorg’).

We charge a small fee of €50,- (invoice) to cover the expenses of this book. 

Participation in the workshop is free for everyone, including drinks and bites. However, for cancellations within 24 hours prior to the event, we will charge a fee of 15 euros (excluding VAT) to cover incurred expenses.

We welcome new people, so feel free to share this invite with your network!

Discover an informative webinar to unravel the complexity of the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) and explore the regulatory structure in Europe. Most importantly, let’s discuss whether all the latest changes in the regulatory landscape still position Europe as the number one destination for clinical trials.

The implementation of the clinical trial regulation 536/2014 (Regulation (EU) No 536/2014, on January 31, 2022, was aimed at making the European Union (EU) a more attractive destination for pharmaceutical research and development. But is this the current status for EU manufacturers? This regulation focuses on harmonizing processes of clinical trials including submission, application for authorization, evaluation and supervision of clinical trials within the EU and the European Economic Area, thereby increasing transparency towards the public and providing a common database for regulators. Sponsors of clinical trials are now required to submit their trial via the CTIS portal for regulatory oversight of the trial, tools and monitoring of the trial.

However, since the implementation of CTIS, manufacturers have faced new challenges and regulators are overwhelmed with its complexity.

As a clinical research organization (CRO) that is also able to take over the role of a sponsor for clinical trials, GCP-Service has experienced CTIS firsthand. Join this webinar to gain insights into:
– The complexity of CTIS
– Was Europe ready for CTIS?
– Did the implementation of CTIS destroy theclinical trial environment in the EU?
– Does CTIS simplify the submission process?
– Issues and improvements on the CTIS platform
Speakers are:

Dr. Andreas Beust, CEO, GCP-Service International

Dr. Andreas Beust is Chief Executive Officer of GCP-Service International, President of the Association of International CROs (AICROS), and a passionate advocate of optimizing trial design and conduct. Andreas is intimately familiar with the requirements of clinical trials on European and international levels, both from the CRO side and by taking on sponsorship responsibility for investigator-led trials and has participated in more than 80 trials to date. As an ambassador for risk-based quality management, he focuses on consulting drug and medical device manufacturers alike on how to conduct lean, efficient trials that focus on what is important while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Dr. Jan Willem Kleinovink, Scientific staff member, CCMO (Dutch Competent Authority)

Dr. Jan Willem Kleinovink joined CCMO, the Dutch Competent Authority on clinical trials located in The Hague, after doing academic research in immuno-oncology. At CCMO, he is clinical assessor, validation team lead, and provides support and training on CTIS applications to both authority and sponsor users. In these roles, he experiences the practical and strategic challenges, but also the advantages, of the CTR and CTIS on a daily basis. He uses these experiences to advise on improvements in both the CTIS portal and in the international harmonization of validation and assessment of clinical trial applications.

So join and find out more: EU Clinical Trials Regulation and Clinical Trials Information System – Xtalks

Navigating the complex realm of business valuation is a challenging task. Especially for startups with limited historical data to base your valuation on. We offer workshops every year to help startups understand how valuation works, how to best prepare for negotiations, and how to set terms between you and the investor. We look back at the workshop held on 28 September: Company Valuation & Legal Issues of Joint Ventures with Investors and discuss why valuation is so important for startups and what terms are essential.

Whatever stage your company is at, valuation is a pre-condition for external financing and, thus, for moving forward. John van Zandbergen, CEO of Ourobionics, explains the importance of investors: “We are using deep technology to enable human tissues and organs to become cyborganic, transforming regenerative medicine. Since our founding in 2021, we have been through a number of valuation processes. We find that the value investors place on your startup is very different. There are many different valuation models, and I would like to know on what basis such a valuation is done.”

The CEO of Exolumen adds: “We have developed a product to project anatomy onto the human body in order to reduce complications during surgery. It is a promising product, but it’s difficult to determine the value of our startup. For investors, this is business as usual, but for startups it is new. So any information I can get on the subject is interesting. For example, how can you get an indication of your company’s value? Google helps, of course, but in a workshop, you learn a lot more from speakers from the field.”

Sharing their knowledge

There were three speakers at the workshop to delve into the topic of ‘Company valuation & legal issues of joint ventures with investors’. Bram ten Bok of Oost NL, Sjoerd Klabbers of BDO and Emile Sahhar of Poelmann van den Broek Lawyers.

Ten Bok was the first speaker. As Investment Manager Health at Oost NL, he talked about the valuation process from an investor’s perspective. “Both investors and entrepreneurs want a deal that makes them happy,” explains Ten Bok. “In order to have fruitful discussions about company valuation, it’s important for both sides to have a good understanding of each other’s perspective. I am here today to answer questions such as: ‘What does an investor look for in a business case?’ and ‘What is expected of you as an entrepreneur?’”

“Naturally, an investor wants a good return on his investment. This is often difficult for startups in the health and high-tech sector because a lot of upfront investment is needed before your product can reach the market. This is why investors need to get a good feel for the startup and its growth potential.”

Next up is Klabbers from BDO. “As a consultant at BDO, I deal with company valuations and buy-and-sell on a daily basis. Startups are the new engine of the economy, so I think it’s important to be here today. This way, I can help our region by explaining exactly how such a valuation is done, what methods are available and what pitfalls startups may encounter.”

Finally, Sahhar takes the microphone. “As a lawyer and salary partner at Poelman van den Broek, I deal with mergers, acquisitions and related legislation on a daily basis. I like to help founders by sharing my knowledge. For example, what can go wrong between an entrepreneur and an investor in a company? Thorough consideration of these issues will help ensure a smooth relationship between the entrepreneur and the investor.”

Positive reactions

After the workshop, the startups gained some useful insights into the valuation world. This leads to enthusiastic reactions, for example from Exolumen’s CEO: “It was very positive for me. There was a lot of room for interaction and questions. It is a very technical subject, but it was explained in a way everyone could understand. It was interesting to hear how investors think and what is important to them. Sometimes you forget that you have to think from their point of view as well, to be more in tune with what is important to them. That helped me a lot. These are points that I will think about when I’ll have a conversation with a potential investor. All in all, the workshop made a very positive contribution!”

Check out our event calender to see when the next workshop ‘Company valuation & legal issues of joint ventures with investors’ is planned!

a symbiosis of AI and humans

AI outperforming humans has become a source of anxiety, a feeling that only intensified upon last year’s introduction of stunning generative AI’s such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Dall-E. It is however no secret that humans and AI’s function differently. AI excels in pattern recognition or gathering and finding rules to sort extremely large amounts of data, while evolution has set us apart in our ability to draw complex parallels, structure knowledge and integrate it in the world we live in, to adapt and collaborate with others. A likelier and much less dystopian scenario to AI taking over is therefore the one of ‘hybrid intelligence’, where artificial and human intelligence complement each other in a symbiotic way. The realization of such a symbiosis brings serious R&D challenges and requires AI to explicitly take people, humanity and sometimes even biases into account, calling for explainability (no black box), reciprocity, social skills and awareness of cultural diversity, values and ethics. A symbiosis that might in turn give us the opportunity to grow and to learn more about ourselves.

To address the many different research questions a great variety of experts in the Netherlands have teamed up in the Hybrid Intelligence Centre. On Wednesday November 15 two of its prominent members will be guests in the Science Café to present the HI project and delve deeper into associated key scientific and philosophical questions. Professor in Human-Centered Computing Mark Neerincx (TUD, TNO) will elaborate on the concepts and research related to ‘mutualistic symbiosis’ and the co-development of human and artificial intelligence, illustrated by his work on social robots. Professor in Ethics and Technology Ibo van de Poel (TUD) will introduce us to the fundamental philosophical differences between AI and humans and how they shape their intricate interaction. Can AI systems integrate properties such as intentionality, moral agency, and responsibility? Can we trust such systems and to which extent shall we stay in control? During this evening, indie-electronica wizard Jaro will let us experience live how exciting a human-machine symbiosis can sound.

scientists /8pm Mark Neerincx (TUD, TNO) and Ibo van de Poel (TUD)

music /7.30pm  Jaro

moderator          Maïté Tjon A Hie

time                    Wednesday November 15th 2023, 7.30/8 – 10 pm
The Shamrock, Smetiusstraat 17 in Nijmegen

admission          free admission (no reservation)

language            Dutch

info                     www.sciencecafenijmegen.nl

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you  more about the extensive product range we offer from the leading distributors in Life Science research.

With VWR as the convenient purchasing channel, Avantor provides single-source access for all the solutions you need. 

Several suppliers will be present, with expertise in Life Science. Do not hesitate to stop by and ask us anything!


You can walk-in in the Meet&Greet in Building M at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen during 10:00 and 14:00hrs.


Liz Fransman 

Product Specialist Life Science 
+316 899 220 81

Op 12 oktober vond voor de derde keer de Radboudumc Investment Day plaats. Wetenschappers, ondernemers en investeerders uit de life sciences & health sector kwamen bij elkaar in het Radboudumc Experience om kennis uit te wisselen, te netwerken en te praten over nieuwe samenwerkingen.

Het evenement werd gezamenlijk georganiseerd door Briskr, Oost NL, Radboudumc en Radboud Universiteit. CFO Mark Janssen opende het evenement als gastheer namens Radboudumc. “Als Radboudumc willen wij een significant impact on health en healthcare hebben. Dat kunnen we niet alleen; dat doen we samen met ondernemers en investeerders. We hopen dus ook op deze dag dat er veel nieuwe connecties worden gelegd en nieuwe ideeën ontstaan, die uiteindelijk tot waardevolle verbeteringen leiden voor patiënten en de maatschappij.”

Hoge opkomst

Het animo voor het evenement was groot. Er waren bijna 200 deelnemers aanwezig, zo’n 60% meer dan bij de vorige editie. Alle doelgroepen waren ook ruim vertegenwoordigd. Naast presentaties van experts uit het veld konden de deelnemers dit jaar ook productdemonstraties bekijken van negen innovatieve ondernemers.

De keynote speaker dit jaar was Nettie Buitelaar, CEO van Biotech Booster. Zij raakte een snaar bij het publiek met de observatie dat Nederland goed scoort bij wetenschappelijke kennisontwikkeling en patentaanvragen in de biotechsector, maar onderaan bungelt als het gaat om het vertalen van die kennis naar succesvolle producten en bedrijven. Het Biotech Booster-programma hoopt dat laatste te gaan verhelpen.

Tussendoor maakten veel deelnemers gebruik van de mogelijkheid om 1-op-1 gesprekken te hebben, die van te voren en tijdens het evenement ingepland konden worden via een matching tool. Eén van de aanwezigen, CEO Hans Platteeuw van Galenicap, had zelfs al een succesverhaal te melden: “Ik ben vorig jaar op dit evenement mijn investeerder tegenkomen. Nu ben ik hier om zelf te kijken of ik andere mensen verder kan helpen met hun idee.”

Lars Boogaard wint postercompetitie

De Investment Day kende dit jaar voor het eerst een postercompetitie. De inzendingen werden niet alleen op hun wetenschappelijke kwaliteit beoordeeld, maar ook op hun potentieel uiteindelijk tot een succesvol product uit te groeien. Promovendus Lars Boogaard won de competitie met zijn concept voor een aanpasbaar pessarium dat door gebruikers zelf in de juiste vorm te brengen is. Hij ontving een stimulatieprijs van 2500 euro voor zijn idee.

Brug slaan tussen wetenschap en ondernemerschap

Dagvoorzitter Martijn Kriens, programmamanager bij Briskr en mede-initiatiefnemer van het evenement, benadrukte bij de afsluitende paneldiscussie nogmaals het belang van goed contact tussen alle drie de doelgroepen. “Sommige investeerders doen niets anders dan honderden businessplannen lezen die ze opgestuurd krijgen, in de hoop dat er een keer iets goeds tussen zit. En sommige wetenschappers produceren in hun leven honderden peer-reviewed artikelen, zonder dat er ooit in de praktijk iets met hun kennis wordt gedaan. Mijn hoop is dat zij vaker én eerder met elkaar in gesprek gaan, zodat ze elkaar beter gaan begrijpen en in afstemming met elkaar toewerken naar impact op onze maatschappij, ook in de periode tussen de evenementen door, want een nieuwe datum is reeds gepland; woensdag 9 oktober 2024.” 


Over de workshop

Tijdens deze inspirerende sessie neemt Robert je mee op een reis door de drie verschillende groeistadia: pre-scale, scale en accelerated-scale.  Hij behandelt belangrijke onderwerpen voor systematische omzetgroei, zoals handelen naar jouw Ideale Klant Profiel (ICP) en het gebruik van de juiste KPI’s en Metrics.

Leer hoe je groei kunt stimuleren door slimme in- en outbound sales en marketing tactieken te implementeren. Ontdek welke content noodzakelijk is in B2B en maak gebruik van de juiste sales ’tech stack’ om effectieve salesflows te creëren.

In deze specifieke sessie herhalen we en verdiepen we vooral het sales raamwerk en organisatie, waardoor je waardevolle inzichten en strategieën meekrijgt om jouw onderneming naar het volgende niveau te tillen.

Deze sessie is geschikt voor zowel start-ups die willen doorgroeien naar een scale-up, als scale-ups die hun groei willen versnellen. Mis deze kans niet om te leren van een expert in het vak!

Over Robert

Graag stellen wij jullie voor aan Robert Meirmans, een ervaren professional binnen de start-up en scale-up wereld. Met zijn jarenlange ervaring in de Amsterdamse en Berlijnse start-up en scale-up community heeft Robert een indrukwekkend track record opgebouwd. Momenteel is hij verantwoordelijk voor de zakelijke tak (B2B) van Urban Sports Club, een Berlijnse Scale-up die pan-Europees opereert.

Locatie, datum & tijd

Locatie: StartUp Nijmegen

Datum: 19 oktober 2023

Tijd: inloop 16:45, start: 17:00, einde: 18:30uur

Aanmelden kan via deze link.

Time to work on your networking skills! 
Networking is part of your job. When meeting new potential business partners, ambassadors or clients it is essential that you can tell a story about your proposition especially for this audience. This requires a combination of listening and storytelling skills. In this workshop we’ll work on both.

We start with finetuning and adapting your story for any audience. Then we practice how to tell this story to the right people in a networking setting. First defining the right people and then finding out how to get into a conversation with them and maybe even more important getting out when they turn out not to be the right fit. And how/when do you succesfully follow-up on the meeting?

This will be an interactive workshop with ample opportunity to try out new versions of your stories and tactics to tell them. One thing is guaranteed; At the end of the workshop there will be at least 10 people in your network who can tell a version of your story. #networkingstartsnow

About Frank Smallegange
Frank is the pitch coach for (technical) start-ups. He was trained as a chemical engineer and has extensive work experience as a designer and builder in IT. He is also a master of improvisation and storytelling. For this, he took courses from Las Vegas to Berlin. This combination makes that Frank understands what a pitch is about and he can show you how to engage an audience. 
Good to know
We finish off with drinks & bites. Participation in the workshop is free for everyone, including drinks and bites.

However, for cancellations within 24 hours prior to the event, we will charge a fee of 15 euros (excluding VAT) to cover incurred expenses.

Please register upfront! 


Meet&Greet in Building M, Noviotech Campus, Transistorweg 5, Nijmegen

What’s the value of your company?
Valuation of a company is almost always hard. Sentiments play a role, but also the fact that there are many alternative ways to look at the value of a company. This is of course even more true if you run a start-up as the past offers little foundation to determine future performance and worth. But for all growth stages valuation is immensely important since external financing is in most cases the only way to grow. Therefore, it’s necessary that you understand how valuation works, that you know how best to prepare for negotiations and how to determine the conditions. This is what this workshop offers. It helps create a better understanding of company valuation and investment terms as well as the process to reach an investment deal.

Understanding the other site of the table
Investors and entrepreneurs both want a deal that makes them happy. In order to have fruitful discussions about the valuation of your company, it’s therefore important for both sides of the table to have a good understanding of each other’s perspective. What does an investor look for in a business case? What is expected from you as an entrepreneur? But also, what can you expect from an investor? Now during the deal making phase, but also later on as a shareholder in your company? Instead of looking for a bigger slice of the pie, the goal should be to make the pie bigger for everyone at the table. 

Legal issues regarding the participation of investors
When an investor and entrepreneur cooperate, in principle, they have the same objectives. But that’s not the case on all aspects of the cooperation. For instance regarding an exit or the relationship between the management board and the general meeting of shareholders. These are some of the most important issues in the cooperation between an entrepreneur and an investor. Thorough thought on these issues upfront contribute to a smooth cooperation between entrepreneur and an investor.

Emile Sahhar, Poelmann van den Broek Lawyers
Sjoerd Klabbers, BDO
Bram ten Bok, Oost NL


Noviotech Campus, building M, Transistorweg 5, Nijmegen

Good to know
We finish off with drinks & bites. This workshop is free of charge and facilitated in English. Please register upfront! 

Participation in the workshop is free for everyone, including drinks and bites. However, for cancellations within 24 hours prior to the event, we will charge a fee of 15 euros (excluding VAT) to cover incurred expenses.

We look forward to meet you!

The workshop is meant for investment seeking start-ups/ scale-ups; entrepreneurs that are either in or approaching the phase to find and contract investors. There is a maximum of 16 participants. And to prepare for this wokshop we will ask you to answer some questions in advance.