Look back at Briskr workshop Venture Capital

From PhD-student to experienced entrepreneurs, the group of participants in the workshop ‘How to attract capital Investment for your innovation in Health/HighTech’ on February 3 was very diverse. Speaker Thijs Cohen Tervaert, investor and director at INKEF Capital informed us he was trained a medical doctor, but never practiced as one. He now helps organisations in healthcare and pharma to co-fund.

He explained the role of venture capital, the criteria used in selecting the right investments and how even early on in your startup you can prepare for these.

In healthcare you need a longer investment horizon to actually start up a company and make it successful. To make the product market-ready you need the help from hospitals, do clinical studies and find partners in innovation.

Nowadays, Digital Health is high on the agenda. Healthcare and technology have a lot of potential as a combined sector with many beautiful and innovative applications that can improve cure and care.

On the basis of several practical cases, it became clear how INKEF can help to finance and develop the company. We learned that venture capital can take place in different stages of a company, or even in certain focus areas.

At the end of the workshop there was an interesting discussion among the participants how to attract venture capital for their organisation or idea.

We look back on yet another successful workshop from INKEF and Briskr.