Start Semiconductor Packaging University Program

Together with HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC developed the Semiconductor Packaging University Program. The program provides a connection between education and industry and as such contributes to the training and skills of people that align with industry needs. People who are in high demand – now and in the future. The program therefore represents an important step in securing the future of the semiconductor industry in Europe.

Industry experts

The program offers its participants training in all relevant aspects of chip packaging, both in theory and in practice. The theoretical part is provided by industry experts – in addition to CITC and HAN, the program was developed in collaboration with NXP, Nexperia, Ampleon, TU Delft and TNO.

The practical assignments of the program are carried out on the premises of CITC and several semiconductor companies.

Integrated chip technology and its applications

You learn about the semiconductor industry and take a deep dive into the final step of chip manufacturing. This is the phase in which the chip is packaged in its housing.

Developments such as integrated photonics, system-on-chip, embedded cameras, 5G antennas, sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems place high demands on the manufacturing process… and the competencies of semiconductor staff.

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