Mercator Launch Demoday

Part of The Vibe of the Future Festival

Are you an entrepreneur or innovator looking to make an impact in the world of innovation, right here in Nijmegen? Secure your spot now for the Mercator Launch Demo Day! Join us as we shine a spotlight on impressive startups and scale-ups that have emerged in the vibrant ecosystem of Nijmegen. 

As part of the Vibe of the Future Festival, the Demo Day will take place on the Friday at Erasmus Square. During Demo Day, you’ll have the chance to:

Secure a stand at our Demo Day market on Erasmus Square.

  • Participate in the largest Mercator Lunch we’ve ever organized (invite only), where investors will pitch to startups, rather than the other way around.
  • Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. • Explore groundbreaking ideas and technologies shaping the future.
  • Discover opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Interested in participating or having a stand at the event? Fill out this form to reserve your spot for the Demo Day.

Click here for the flyer.