Medtech conference

Qserve is thrilled to invite you to a special conference marking our organization’s 25 years of innovation in the HealthTech sector. Over these 25 years, we have serviced over 250 start-ups. The conference program reflects the one-stop-shopping that Qserve offers. Sessions marked with a bulb (💡) are especially relevant for start-ups.

If you are an IVD start-up the session “Go to market strategies” will be meaningful. If you are involved in the new regulation for IVDs in the EU, the IVDR, the topic where the experts will explain the concept, where to start, and what are the pitfalls, is of interest. Please check the program to see the list of (expert) speakers. (Speakers overview)

If you are a medical device start-up, the situation for market access to the EU is problematic from a regulatory perspective. The topic regarding “Market access beyond EU and US” will detail interesting strategies to gain revenues and start building clinical data in other markets while parallel building the regulatory documentation for the EU/US. The workshop, on day 2, on empowering start-ups, is fully dedicated to issues that start-ups must deal with. Our speakers have been on the industry side as well as the regulator side of the table, having a wealth of experiences to share with you.

Besides the program, there is plenty of time for networking. You will find many peers from the industry, from the regulators, from distributors, and from Qserve. Join us for insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry experts, centered around innovation, market access, dealing with regulatory hurdles, and general growth in the MedTech industry.

To celebrate our milestone together, we provide a special deal for start-ups. Day 1 and 2 together normally cost € 949. We offer start-ups to join for € 350 for 1 person and if you bring a colleague the total price for both of you will be € 500. If you are interested in this special deal, please send an email to:

Location: Novotel Schiphol Area Amsterdam