INNOBOOT 2023 (cancelled)

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Innoboot due to circumstances. We hope to meet you again at a future meeting.

Science is often inspirational, it shows the potential how we can improve society. But science in itself does not change society. In most cases entrepreneurs are needed to translate the science into a functioning businessmodel and implement innovations in practice and on scale.

Impact ~ Science * Entrepreneurship

During the Innoboot seminar on 21st of September we show 6 selected highlights of public-private projects where scientists work together with companies in translating theory into practice. They show their results and share their experience in setting up and running these projects. Examples of projects shown are in digital health, data engineering, organoids and of course AI. During the seminar there is the possibility of meeting others interested in setting up new public-private projects, from science as well as from the business side.


14:00 Introduction

14:05 First keynote: Ilko Bosman, VNO-NCW

14:35 First parallel sessions:

Track 1 PicGelNiftiDEMAND

15:20 Break

15:35 Second parallel sessions:

Track 2Challenge labICAI labRF knowledge lab

16:25 Second keynote

17:00 Networking drinks & wrap-up

Keynote Ilko Bosman, VNO-NCW

Whereas the triple-helix was often used as a buzzword in the past, it has now been demonstrated that with the right motivation and with a focus on shared interests, governments, education and entrepreneurs can indeed strengthen each other and be the key to stronger connected entrepreneurship. The right cooperation between groups of entrepreneurs and with strong triple helix organisations (such as Brainport in Eindhoven and the Economic Board in our region), can greatly improve the climate for the economy of today and tomorrow.

Parallel track Health: Digital Health Challenge Lab / Floor van de Watering

In Digital Health Challenge Lab, the frustrations and desires (challenges) of residents, housing associations, healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations around their (own) health, healthcare provision and the healthcare process are collected, answered and solved. We focus on solving challenges around prevention, staying at home longer without care, staying at home without professional help, reaching more patients/clients with fewer employees. All to keep healthcare manageable and affordable. On the basis of these challenges, companies can specifically develop innovative products and/or services for which there is actual demand and support. After all, a challenge is a problem with a business case.

Parallel track Health: PICgel / Lotte Gerrits, Paul Kouwer

A tremendous amount of time and effort is being invested in the development of better experimental models for drug screening and human disease modelling. However, many of these models, including organoids, are being cultured in an extracellular matrix derived from tumors of mice. This has major implications for the predictive value of such models towards human physiology and requires millions of mice each year. Paul Kouwer and Lotte Gerrits from Radboud University are ready to change this unwanted situation by providing a highly customizable synthetic alternative, that allows for culturing organoids that resemble human physiology, without animal components.

Parallel track High Tech: Nifti / Nigel Hussey

The future of mobility could look radically different from today: think of floating cars moving autonomously throughout a city, pollution free, congestions free, safe and socially inclusive. Radboud University invented such a radical new innovative transport system, called NIFTI. However, the adoption of NIFTI is largely depending on public opinion and implementation strategies. Prof. Arnoud Lagendijk will discuss openly the implications of the system and public mind change that would be required to use such a novel technology. Personal mobility ownership, social acceptance, user incentives, trustworthiness, inclusivity are among some of the aspects that will be challenged in this interactive session. Will you help shaping the future of mobility?

Parallel track High Tech: ICAI lab / Colin Jacobs

The Dutch healthcare system has reached the limits of its capacity. For instance, radiologists spend countless hours on interpreting the ever increasing amount of imaging that is being performed in hospitals. However, many repetitive tasks can potentially be taken over by AI-algorithms, allowing them to focus on the most complex cases. The MERAI Lab, part of ICAI, is working on the development of such AI-supported tools, to support radiologist in the field of lung oncology. Dr. Colin Jacobs will tell about their endeavors towards solutions that perform at a level close to medical professionals, as well as the efforts that are being made to increase the adoption of such tools in society.

Parallel track High Tech: Datalab

In DEMAND (Data Engineering & Management for Data Chains), HAN, Fontys and Saxion, along with several business partners (including NovioTech Campus), collaborate on knowledge development regarding an accessible, easily deployable “toolbox” (methods, techniques, tools, good practices) for achieving good data availability and data quality in data chains. Such data chains are necessary for various data-intensive applications, ranging from classical information systems and Data Science to Digital Twins and AI. The three pillars are Data Engineering, Data Management, and AI Engineering. The project is in the initial phase and will go live in the fall of 2023. The workshop will be facilitated by Kees van de Sant.

Parallel track High Tech: RF Knowledge Lab

In this session, we will provide a brief overview of the Radio Frequency Knowledge Lab, including its concept, partners, activities, and future plans.Why it is important for it to exist: What can this existing technology add to what already exists, and what makes it so special?Brief overview of what we have done: The project started in 2022 and has already completed various activities. There are some preliminary results to report.Current developments: What are we currently working on, and how can we further expand the activities?Future plans: The first phase has been completed, and we are exploring possibilities to initiate the next phase. A small consortium has been formed to drive forward this development.

Together with Klaus Werner from PinkRF and Marco Koelink from CITC, we will shape this session. We will actively engage with the audience to explore ways to make this a success.

We invite scientists as well as companies to join us this seminar. During the program there is ample time to meet and create new connections between science and businesses as the start of new cooperations.

Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen with networking, drinks & bites afterwards.
Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!
A few days before the event we will send an email from with more detailed info on the event, directions and parking instructions (you might need to check your spam box).