How to protect your Intellectual Property

One of the most important things a start-up has is a creative, fresh and innovative idea. It’s the core around which a start-up revolves and grows. Therefore it is of the upmost importance to protect your idea! On the other hand it is also equally important to go out and pitch your company to new clients, suppliers and investors. 

During the workshop Introduction to Intellectual Property Valeria de Matteis and Mark Jolink from EP&C Patent Attorneys will go into detail how to protect your most precious possession; your knowledge.

Valeria and Mark will explain which forms of Intellectual Property exist and will go into detail on the workings of patents. So that you can go bring your idea into the world but also keep it safe.
During and after the workshop you can discuss any questions you may have on your specfic situation / case.

Link to short bio on Valeria de Matteis (Dutch & European patent attorney)
Link to short bio on Mark Jolink (Associate Partner, Dutch & European Patent Attorney)

Live event
We organize this workshop at Building M, Noviotech Campus.
Good to know
We finish off with drinks & bites. This workshop is free of charge and facilitated in English. Please register upfront! 

To tailor this workshop more to your needs / questions, we will send you a few questions and ask you to answer them in advance. Of course, we will treat the answers confidential.

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