BANN, Business Angels Network Nijmegen

The Business Angels Network Nijmegen (BANN) is an initiative from Briskr and OostNL to connect angel investors with promising startups in health and hightech in the metropole region Arnhem-Nijmegen. In three events per year 12 startups in total are giving the opportunity to pitch their business idea and investment opportunity to an audience of interested investors. The normal range of investment is between 50K to 300K but in some cases a combination can be made with other investment channels. The event is invite only.

The meetings are held a Slot Doddendael in Ewijk (next to Nijmegen), start around 16:00 and are combined with dinner until 20:00.

For investors

The BANN is a network of 100+ investors interested in health and hightech sectors. Of these usually around 40 investors are present during the meetings. Before the meeting you will receive information about the startups to determine if a visit is justified. Beside the investment opportunities the BANN is also a social gathering including plenty of opportunity to network with other angels during dinner. 

Interested investors and startups can contact Bart Heuts (

Read more in this infographic.

The BANN is supported by the partners of Briskr: BDO, Briskr, Catalyze, EP&C, Nijmegen, JLABS, Oost NL, Poelmann van den Broek, Qserve, Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen and The Economic Board