Autism and ADHD – two sides of the same coin?

What do people with autism and ADHD have in common? Seemingly nothing, when judging by the stereotypes of a socially anxious introvert and a restless extrovert, which unfortunately still stick with these disorders. This might lead to the conclusion that they have a different origin. Fascinatingly, researchers have found that both neurodevelopmental disorders may be caused by similar changes in the brain and might thus be regarded as ‘two sides of the same coin’.

Annelies Spek (Autism Expertise Center) and Jan Buitelaar (Radboud University) will shed light on this topic in the Science Café on Monday, 5th of February. Annelies Spek is a clinical psychologist and expert of autism in adults. As a senior researcher she investigates autism and its intersections with other disorders. Jan Buitelaar is a psychiatrist and professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In his research he uses neuroimaging and molecular methods to study ADHD and autism. In an open discussion (in Dutch), the two experts will explore the commonalities and differences of both disorders together with the audience. To calm down your brain again, the evening is accompanied by the soothing jazz of the Norman Samuels Trio.

scientists /8pm Annelies Spek (Autism Expertise Center) and Jan Buitelaar (Radboud University)

music /7.30pm  Norman Samuels Trio

moderator          Ronald Kleiss

time                    Monday February 5th 2024, 7.30/8 – 10 pm
The Shamrock, Smetiusstraat 17 in Nijmegen

admission          free admission (no reservation)

language            Dutch