The Health & High Tech Square in Nijmegen for ALS

Join next week The Health & High Tech Square In the centre of Nijmegen and help raising money for ALS IntoNijmegen.

This square is part of the “Kom in actie” from the Health & High Tech organizations within the city. Together we are committed to raising as much money as possible for the ALS Hope Foundation, and in doing so we will show what we are doing in Gemeente Nijmegen in relation to the ALS disease and the people around them.

As a “kom-in-actie”, the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour presents fascinating talks on Sunday December 17 about ALS.
Wednesday December 20 about the brain, computers and your voice. Also, don’t miss the pop-up Donders Citylab at the Mariënburg library on December 20th, where everyone, young and old, can learn about brain research in an interactive way.

On Wednesday evening we show a special film “The Theory of Everything” at LUX, the proceeds of which will be donated. Outside on the square you will find portraits around Nijmegen ALS patients and a Walking Forest.

Finally, in the Mariënburg Chapel you can admire the Expo on the history of the computer chip in Nijmegen. Let’s join and come to the Health & High Tech Square (Mariënburgplein, Nijmegen) on Monday, December 17th or Wednesday, December 20th.

You’re welcome: