Radio Frequency Technology: to heat, sense, detect and connect. Offering solutions to societal challenges you probably have not thought of yet.

The Netherlands, world leading country in RF Technology
Radio Frequency (RF) technology knowledge is significantly strong developed in the
Netherlands. No less than thirty Dutch companies are highly specialized in RF technology
and its applications.
The Netherlands is home to many great inventions in RF technology. Bluetooth and WIFI,
worldwide embraced and indispensable innovations, have their origins and crucial
development in the Netherlands. And, with the knowledge and expertise of Dutch RF
engineers, so much more can become possible with RF technology. Welcome to the world of
RF solutions!

RF offers solutions you probably have not thought of yet
RF is already widely used and the number of Radio Frequency (wireless) applications will
explode in the coming years. Wireless and contactless connected, will be the new standard.
Think of IoT applications, medical imaging such as MRI or, autonomous driving, and adaptive
cruise control.
But there is more. RF offers excellent solutions for the necessary transition from fossil fuels
to green energy. RF is clean and sustainable. In addition, it is ultra-accurate, hygienic, and
highly controllable. For sensing, detecting, and heating RF is the most efficient technique that
we know of. It can and should be used in more and different kinds of industries.

A few examples
Energy: RF is clean, sustainable, fast, and controllable. In all cases where we use gas
nowadays, RF is an excellent replacement.
• Food: Heating becomes more hygienic (contactless), more accurate, and faster with RF
Health: RF technology offers more accurate sensing and imaging, more fidelity, and more
detail. Thanks to these features, severe diseases can be detected at an earlier
Logistics: RF offers opportunities for better capacity utilization in the available space through
precise positioning capabilities and more secure movement. Think of moving
vehicles and loading and unloading in large complex distribution centers.
Mobility: Extremely accurate RF sensing makes it possible to apply more autonomous traffic
flows thanks to Car-to-car interaction, adaptive cruise control, and the interaction
between cars and traffic instruments such as traffic lights and signaling signs. This
contributes to a better flow of vehicles and therefore directly to better living
conditions in urban areas.

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. RF developments can also contribute to data
transfer, security and safety, climate, transport etc. RF Technology can contribute to your
business as well.

Do you feel the need to use RF Technology for sustainable, more efficient solutions to
the challenges in your business? The RF Knowledge Lab can put you in contact with
the right RF specialist. Contact us and let’s find out together.

RF Knowledge Lab
The RF Knowledge lab is a collaboration of companies, universities, and research
organizations. All with specific RF expertise. This group of professionals, brought together by
High Tech NL, has joined forces to explore the possibilities and opportunities for RF
solutions. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. This promising initiative has the warm
support of local and provincial governments.
The RF Knowledge Lab is the best entry point to new RF innovations and solutions. By joining
the RF Knowledge Lab you become part of the future of RF Technology.

Can your company contribute to this collaboration? We want to get in touch! Contact
us and be part of the ecosystem!

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Project manager High Tech NL cluster Holland Semiconductors
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