Press release: MS Sherpa receives an investment of 1.5 million euros

MS Sherpa, a medical device that monitors the course of symptoms of MS, will receive an investment of 1.5 million euros. In recent years, the Nijmegen data science company Orikami has developed MS Sherpa as a medical product, clinically validated it and CE certified.

With the new capital, Sherpa BV will now continue independently as a start-up to grow in the Netherlands and Germany, but also to develop a new product and apply it in Parkinson’s disease.
With MS Sherpa , people with MS and medical specialists gain insight into the presence and progression of MS symptoms by regularly performing self-tests on their smartphones. With the help of digital biomarkers, personalized information becomes available, which is used to monitor the disease course and the effect of the treatment and to make adjustments where necessary.
With the investment, the company will continue to build on the product in the coming years and make the solution available to medical specialists and people with MS in the Netherlands and internationally. The app is already available in the app store and can be used by someone with MS on prescription from the neurologist.
With the available knowledge about digital biomarkers and neurological diseases, work is also being done on an application in Parkinson’s disease, says the new CEO Jacco Schutte. “With digital biomarkers, we can gain increasingly easier and better insight into the course of complex neurological disorders. In this way we make a positive contribution to treatment and efficient affordable care”.

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