Pharma Delta is launched!

On May 30 was the launch of a new alliance: Pharma Delta. The Pharma Delta alliance aims to set a new standard for pharmaceutical excellence and collective progress. Representatives from small and large pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, educational organizations and local governments work together to focus on accelerating innovation, strengthening careers, and creating shared sustainable facilities.

Pharma Delta intends to create an ecosystem that enhances and accelerates the entire pharmaceutical chain. Pharma Delta aims not just for an increase in jobs, but for full careers and it believes in the development and retention of staff, which is vital for the growth and prosperity of our region.

The launch took place during the From Molecule to Business network event on May 30 at Pivot Park. The official launch was performed by chair Rob Nelissen, Organon Central Northern Europe and Frank den Brok, Gemeente Oss and Harmen Neidig, HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Together we boost pharma and empower careers!