New partnership: Brilliant Work

Today, Briskr and Brilliant Work announce a new partnership whereby Brilliant Work will provide support to Briskr start-ups and SMEs towards successful growth. Briskr is a consortium in the Nijmegen area with the aim of helping start-ups and innovative SME’s grow faster and make more impact in the Life Sciences & Health and High Tech sectors. Briskr believes that interaction between knowledge-intensive companies and knowledge institutes, such as universities and government bodies, is essential to realising innovation. Briskr operates in three areas – business support, project and program development for innovation activities and acquisition of innovative companies. In order to support start ups and innovative entrepreneurs, Briskr has brought together a network of companies able and willing to support these innovative companies in their growth.

Brilliant Work is an award winning business coaching, consultancy and training firm, specialised in helping small to medium sized companies grow and professionalise, both on a national and international scale. Most of their coaching engagements are on a subsidised basis, making it very affordable for their clients. Setting up, growing and leading a business is not easy, and Brilliant Work is there to help entrepreneurs and managers to make it easier, more enjoyable and reach their goals faster.

Brilliant Work is a great addition to the list of supporting partners of Briskr. Their expertise and drive in sales and entrepreneurship will help innovative companies in the Nijmegen area. With this addition we expect to further advance the startup eco system in the Nijmegen Area.

Martijn Kriens, program manager of Briskr: “We are happy that Brilliant Work is willing to join our network of services for startups. Broad support in sales and entrepreneurship is often important for startups. Brilliant Work has shown in the past to be able to help focus startups on growth. With the partnership with Brilliant Work we formlize and give shape to our cooperation in this field.”

Lizanne Jakobs, founder of Brilliant Work: “This new partnership is a very positive step foward. For businesses in life science, health and high tech, entrepreneurs have to juggle so many aspects of running a complex company at once. The Dutch eco system is there to help support them, but is not always easy to navigate. By joining forces with Briskr, we are thrilled to fortify the amazing all round support they offer as a consortium, locally, with the right people at the right time.”