Helpsoq wins both the Jury and Audience Award!

The innovation of Helpsoq has been unanimously declared as the winner of the National Care Innovation Award 2022. The National Care Innovation Prize gives the most innovative companies the opportunity to make themselves visible in the Dutch healthcare innovation landscape. During their presentation at the Health Valley Event, Helpsoq was announced as the winner of both the jury prize worth €10,000 and the public prize worth €5,000. An unique event in the history of this award.

About Helpsoq

Helpsoq is a device for donning therapeutic compression stockings. The device uses an electric motor to automate the difficult and heavy process of tightening the compression stocking. By pre-folding the stocking on a wide ring, the heavy work is done. In this way, patients who are mobile enough can put on the stocking without assistance. This makes a big difference for every caregiver who has to put on support stockings, as well as for the client who wears them. HelpSoq has already pitched to us at a BANN meeting at an earlier stage in their development.

Reinoud Wouters, director of Helpsoq, convinced the jury of his innovative solution. Jury chairman Jan-Kees van Wijnen indicated that a large target group will benefit from this innovation: “Helpsoq has the potential to prevent physical complaints and sickness absence, which makes this innovation very valuable. That makes this innovation very valuable.”

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