Co-create a digital healthcare solution for Rijnstate hospital

Are you an SME and work on improving healthcare? Then sign up to the European project HealthChain. HealthChain partner Rijnstate identified two urgent healthcare challenges that they would like to solve in co-creation with the business community. For both issues, we are looking for one Dutch SME that can pull off this co-creation in an international collaboration.

HC Call 2024
A detailed description of both Rijnstate challenges can be found here: Digicare-aware and DELSIS.

The HealthChain model is based on an innovative approach that brings together public and private sectors within regional ecosystems to develop demand-driven digital health solutions through co-creation and interregional collaboration between ecosystem supporters, healthcare organisations and IT companies. This innovative approach aims to improve the quality of healthcare for citizens and increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the digital healthcare sector.

Benefits of participation:

  • Co-create and pilot an innovative solution to a healthcare challenge.
  • Receive business support from the ecosystem and other IT companies within the consortium.
  • Get access to funding of up to €81,320 (70% reimbursed by the European Commission).
  • Network with other European SMEs and explore opportunities for future projects.

How can you express your interest?

Download the proposal template and budget table here.
Complete the proposal form and save it in PDF format once completed. Also fill in the breakdown table.
Once both documents are completed, go to the EU Survey online form, fill in the requested fields, upload both documents (budget breakdown table and proposal in PDF format) and submit your proposal.

Applications can be submitted until 16 February 2024,17:00 (CET). Selection of applications will be based on; quality, connection to the challenge, commitment to operation, and implementation, and whether you get value for money.