Briskr business support network

If you are a startup, scaleup, or grownup in healthcare and high-tech, then Nijmegen is the ideal location for you. Boasting a workforce with 30% employed in healthcare and a thriving semiconductor sector that started back in 1955, Nijmegen has extensive experience in these industries, as well as in the creation of innovative companies.

Briskr is the entrepreneurship network for health and high-tech in the Nijmegen region. With a small core team but a vast network, we support innovative entrepreneurship in healthcare and high-tech (with a focus on the semiconductor industry).

The founding partners of the Briskr network are, amongst others, Radboudumc, Radboud University, University of Applied Sciences Arnhem-Nijmegen, the regional development agency Oost NL, Health Valley, Kadans, and HightechNL. All of these organizations work together within the Briskr network to support innovative companies in achieving success. We offer various programs related to financial and entrepreneurial support.


The region boasts several universities and an academic medical center, creating significant potential for innovation. However, sound ideas and patents alone are insufficient to bring innovations to scale.

Impact = science * entrepreneurship.

In addition to cutting-edge science, entrepreneurship must be at the core of any approach. “Impact is science * entrepreneurship” means that highly cited papers alone are not enough to create an impact in people’s lives. Entrepreneurs are necessary to bring research to implementation on a global scale. To this end, we support scientists in understanding what is required to implement science, develop entrepreneurial skills, and build companies. We offer over 30 workshops in partnership with our network of supporting partners, which currently includes Poelmann van den Broek (lawyers), EP&C (patent attorneys), JLABS (J&J accelerator), Catalyze (non-dilutive funding), QServe (medical certification and clinical trials), and others. Topics range from building your team, defending patents, valuation of your company, pitching your proposals and much more. When necessary, we connect scientists and startup entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs from our network with a proven track record.


For financial support, we have Startup Fund Gelderland, which offers soft loans (max. 250K) to help startups move from initial concepts to prototypes and market validation. Early Phase Financing Gelderland provides loans (max. 350K) aimed at helping companies get past the valley of death and reach the point where venture capital is interested in making serious investments. Through our Business Angels network, we provide startups with the opportunity to pitch to a network of 100+ business angels interested in investing early seed money and their expertise. Through our network of venture capital and family funds, we connect top scientists, startups, and investors annually at our Radboudumc Investment Day.

We believe that the Nijmegen region is an excellent place to start companies in health and high-tech. Not only is it the most beautiful part of the Netherlands, but we also have the ecosystem needed to succeed on a global scale.

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