Briskr and Qserve announce a new partnership

Today, Briskr and Qserve announce a new partnership whereby Qserve will provide support to Briskr start-ups and SMEs towards successful growth. Briskr is a consortium in the Nijmegen area with the aim of helping start-ups and SMEs to grow faster and make more impact on the Life Sciences & Health and High Tech sectors. Briskr believes that interaction between knowledge-intensive companies and knowledge institutes, such as universities and government institutions, is essential to realize innovation. Operating in three areas – business support, project and program development for innovation activities, and acquisition of innovation companies, Briskr brings together innovative entrepreneurs in its incubation program (start-ups), acceleration program (scale-ups), and activation program (established SMEs).

Qserve is a consultancy company operating in the worlds main medical markets. The team of experts and professionals support manufacturers worldwide to help improve patient safety and health by supporting the advancement of biomedical technology. Qserve assist medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers worldwide with market access, medical device approvals, clinical trials and achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Qserve is an important addition to the Brisk ecosystem. For many startups in healthcare certification is an important hurdle in order to enter the market. Qserve will, together with Briskr and other supporting partners, develop workshops around certification and help coach startups in relation to certification and clinical validation. With this addition we expect to further advance the startup ecosystem in the Nijmegen Area.

Martijn Kriens, program manager of Briskr: “We are happy that Qserve is willing to expand our network of services for startups. Professional support early in relation to certification and quality information is important for startups to have access to. With the partnership with Qserve we enhance the access to these.”

Martin de Bruin, Partner at Qserve Group: “Qserve is highly engaged with start-ups, bringing new devices and/or technologies to the market that improve patient safety. With the Briskr program we can help the start up community with our practical approach; to translate the existing regulations into understandable requirements.”