Too many options: which medication works best? Orikami explains

“The healthcare industry has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of available medications for many diseases in the last decade, presenting new challenges for both doctors and patients. To address this problem, Bram den Teuling stepped in 12 years ago, recognizing the need to better use the data within our healthcare system.

According to Bram, using data to ensure doctors can make better decisions may seem simple at first glance. However, it turned out to be a lot more challenging. The healthcare landscape is complex and heavily regulated, requiring the consideration of medical device and privacy laws when working with sensitive data and vulnerable patients. Moreover, any insights provided should not lead to choices that negatively impact patients.

As a data scientist, Bram saw the healthcare system as a big problem that he could solve using his knowledge. His company, Orikami, focuses on delivering practical data and insights to doctors and patients. Their first product, the MS Sherpa app, helps neurologists make more informed decisions about MS treatments by empowering patients to take home-based tests that evaluate their cognition and mobility.

Bram den Teuling

Bram attests that preparing oneself for the multi-faceted behemoth that is the healthcare industry is impossible. Starting at the very beginning by talking to people and identifying gaps in the market is crucial. He probably wouldn’t have stuck with his company if he’d made a completely thought-out plan at the start.

Collaborating with Briskr was a natural decision for Bram, as both companies are situated in Nijmegen and focused on digital healthcare. Through Briskr’s workshops, Bram learned about intellectual property, financing, and made new connections with important parties in the healthcare sector, such as insurers and investors.

Today, Orikami has expanded to include Orikami Oncology, a new branch focused on using data to streamline oncological treatment decisions. Through Briskr, Bram and his team found valuable support from the Business Angels network, enabling them to look for potential investors and move the company forward.

Bram’s story highlights the importance of approaching complex challenges with a collaborative spirit and a willingness to learn and adapt. He is a true inspiration to all entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry, proving that with passion, perseverance, and practical data, we can make a positive impact on the lives of doctors and patients alike.”

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