Voucher helps SMEs seize online business opportunities

Students of the Digitale Werkplaats Arnhem Nijmegen, DWAN, help SMEs with advice on online marketing, website optimisation, online findability and more, so that the organisation can take steps to boost productivity and profit and work on future-proofing. Entrepreneurs can download the SME voucher via the DWAN website and make free use of the online session with students from the MBO, HBO and WO.

Members of the Lindus business association attended the CS in 2021 and see the added value according to the online member magazine (p. 27).
Investment and result online session
With the voucher, the entrepreneur only invests contact moments and receives:

  1. a non-binding intake;
  2. 3-hour online session with max. 5 students under the supervision of professionals;
  3. the advisory report with all ideas and practical advice;
  4. the consultation on the possible implementation of advice by students.

Online session appreciated by entrepreneurs
Since 2020, several entrepreneurs have made use of the online session, including the owner of TIG Academy, which makes online instruction videos about TIG welding for starters and advanced students: “The assignments were good, they make you think in a different way and enlarge your perspective. The interaction with each other generates new ideas, which is not only inspiring, but also gives more direction.”

After the online session, students helped TIG Academy develop the basic communication plan and the Brandbook.

How does the entrepreneur get the voucher?

The SME voucher is for entrepreneurs between 2 and 50 FTE. More information about the voucher and how to download it can be found here. Follow the steps on the voucher and guarantee a place with students. There is a limited number of places available.

You can mail us:

Our project officer, Marie-Thérèse, will be happy to help. You can find our website here.

Oost NL is one of the initiators of digital workshops.