Pitch to Win: a winning pitch

In David Beckett’s workshop Pitch to Win on Thursday December 14th we worked very practically on formulating our own winning pitch. It was his 997th workshop about Pitching he told us.

One exercise was to write down in a maximum of 4 (short) sentences your handshake pitch. We learned how to leave a first impression that is not about you, but about what you do.

In practical steps we learned how to make a winning pitch using the ‘power of three’, why you need the rational and non-rational aspect in a pitch (and a bit of humor). And use all the feedback you can get!

Using a strict timer, we had to try and think concisely. We tested this in short pitches to each other in breakout rooms. David is an exciting and well-known speaker who motivates all participants. We look back on a fun workshop where we learned a lot.

TOP TIP; This workshop will be repeated in May / June.