Join the Market Readiness Program of OostNL

Do you know who your early adopters are? Do you know if your solution is the best solution for the problem they are experiencing? These are the questions we work with in the Market Readiness Programme which starts November 26, with the aim of finding your early adopters within a specific customer segment, to whom you can sell your product at the same price and through the same sales channel.


What we do
The Market Readiness Program is a part-time, ten-week programme in which you test all your customer assumptions. It is a process of learning how to have effective customer conversations in order to learn to think from their perspective. You will have weekly customer meetings to focus on your early adopters within a specific customer segment so you can successfully prepare for a market entry. If after 6 weeks you have identified a customer problem worth solving, then in the remaining weeks you will work on your product and business model and gathering commitment from your first customer.


What you can expect
Every week for ten weeks a practical workshop will take place. Besides these meetings, much is expected of you. Each week, you will work independently on activities aimed at customer meetings, while being coached by a business developer. During the programme, you will have very intensive discussions with potential customers in order to test and optimise your solution. You will follow the programme together with a maximum of eleven other entrepreneurs. By regularly sharing your progress and providing each other with feedback, you will learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. These are intensive and instructive weeks!


Ambitious East Netherlands startups that are about to enter the market or have just entered the market and have the ambition to grow consistently.


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