Subsidy Consult

If you want to let your health or high tech company grow, you almost always need external financing for your start-up. One way to achieve this is with external investors. You can also apply for numerous grants and subsidies, ranging from local grants to large European grants. Most programs are intended to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their research, development or operations.

What considerations will help you select the right grant for your company? How do you increase your chances of a successful application? And how can you secure and manage the grant once you get it? How to make the application as successful as possible? For what kind of costs can you use the money from subsidies, and what kind of research is likely to gain funding for a start-up? Are your research and development processes suitable for certain government subsidies? Briskr knows how to identify the right opportunity for your start-up, and how this could strategically fit in your financing mix.

Do you want to know more about financing your start-up company, subsidies and grants? Plan a free consult with one of our experts.