Networking skills: fun and best practices

Yesterday Mercator Launch and Briskr organised the annual Networking Skills workshop with Frank Stofmeel. This is a fun & hands-on workshop which is very useful for both experienced and inexperienced networkers.

We started off with sharpening our introduction. By trying out in 1 minute, 30 seconds and 10 seconds we learned the key words to stand out from the rest. We then learned how to break into a conversation during networking time, and also how to do that when you are an English speaker and the conversation is in Dutch! Of course, we also learned how to assess whether a conversation is really interesting, whether you have something to gain from each other, and if not, how to subtly get out of the conversation. Or to round up a conversation with a follow-up (coffee, call).

It was great to practise in a ‘safe’ setting and receive customized tips from both Frank and the other entrepreneurs! We look back on a very useful and fun workshop. Thank you for your enthusiasm & inspiration Frank Stofmeel! See you next year!