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Science Café Nijmegen is kicking off the new season with a special event. During Fête de la Nature, the Science Café will move out from the pub into the wild, beautiful nature of the Waal beach of the Ooyse Schependom. On the evening of Sunday September 4th, around sunset, professors David Kleijn (WUR) and George Kowalchuk (UU) will bring us up to speed (in Dutch) on the topic of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. It’s no secret that matters are looking dire in this area. Recent decades have seen an unprecedented rapid decline in the amount of plant- and animal species, resulting in an increasing pressure on nature, being largely caused by human actions. Does this also mean that the right actions can reverse this trend and prevent a collapse of vital ecosystems? What are the right actions?
David Kleijn tries to answer this question using insights in ecological mechanisms and processes, and by factoring in agronomic, economic, and social aspects. Amid the Waal river landscape he will discuss effective strategies for realizing sustainable land use and nature management. The vast majority of biodiversity is invisible to the naked eye; this part is microbial and located underground. George Kowalchuk will introduce us to this bustling, hidden world. He will also discuss plant-microbe interactions and the essential role of the soil microbial flora in the conservation and restoration of nature and biodiversity. This evening by the riverside Tia Mangola will fuel the ambience with their Brazilian samba and bossa nova; will you bring your snacks and drinks (and maybe also something to sit on)? Everyone is invited to come enjoy and participate, weather permitting. Keep an eye on the known SC channels to be sure!

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