100 Years of Innovation: ERISC and Radboud University at the Forefront of ethical AI Research

Are you interested in learning more about the ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Join ERISC (our student-led organization that focusses on responsible innovation and ethical dilemmas surrounding AI) for an engaging workshop where we explore the complex ethical considerations that arise with AI.

In the first part of the workshop, we’ll provide a brief introduction to AI, setting the stage for deeper discussion. Next, we’ll divide the participants into groups, and present them with a variety of relevant ethical dilemmas. The groups will be challenged to actively consider all the factors at play in these situations, and work together to come up with thoughtful solutions.

Through this interactive workshop, participants will come to realize that the use of AI is not as straightforward as it may seem, and that ethical responsibility plays a critical role. Join us to expand your knowledge and develop new insights into the ethics of AI.

We can’t wait to see you there! Signing up is not needed.


Noviotech Campus, building M, Nijmegen


ERISC is a student-led organization that focuses on ethically responsible innovation. Our goal is to include students in the conversation about societal changes caused by AI. With ERISC we want to create a platform to connect students and organizations, in order to innovate more responsibly. Are you a student who would like to join ERISC? Or are you interested in the ethical aspects of AI & Innovation and would you like to collaborate with us? Please reach out via!